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Disney World Tower of Terror, Orlando Florida

One of the tallest buildings in the Walt Disney kingdom, the Tower of Terror is located at the end of Hollywood Boulevard in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Rupert Mok designed this spectacular attraction while at R. Parsons Engineering, Inc., for Walt Disney Imagineering, Inc., from 1992 to 1993. Working closely with Walt Disney Imagineering Inc. in Burbank, California, Rupert Mok developed the master site plan and a conceptual building facade, evoking a circa 1930 Hollywood hotel building style.

The main objectives were as follows:
1. Create the main theme
2. Develop the theme on the subject of the building
3. Design the functionalities of the building to further apply the theme

Rupert Mok developed the Visitor Trail as well as the railroad for the passenger cart that travels through the third floor to the fifth floor. While journeying in the elevator up the tower, visitors can gaze at the seamless juxtaposition of high-tech gadgetry and the main theme of this Hollywood Hotel: the dazzling events of tinsel town in the 1930's. Visitors ride in the elevator cabin slowly up to the 17th floor, then, in a heartbeat, free fall an astonishing 210 feet. After which they are immediately whisked up, and back down, and back up, and down again, for a frightening and extreme, but safe, ride they will never forget. The building demonstrates the utmost sophistication in design towards presenting the theme through every tiny detail, which faithfully meets the theme requirements for this colossal project while adding a welcome artistic and architectural panache.