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For over 25 years, we have provided comprehensive architectural design and construction services to the following sectors:






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Chinatown Gateway Monument, City of Los Angeles

Rupert Mok & Architects won an historic Los Angeles Design Competition to design the Chinatown Gateway Monument.

In ancient China, gateways were carved from stone or wooden posts, topped off with wooden designs. Though charming, they were limited in structural versatility and architectural practicality. In this modern age, architects are free to use stronger, lighte, and more flexible materials--with these materials, more weight can be supported, construction takes far less time, and true artistic expression may be unleashed.

Our approach draws upon the most traditional and, at the same time, the most contemporary architectural styles. The dragons give scale and texture to the urban fabric. Built on four steel pillars, flanked by clouds clad in fiberglass, they hover above, representing both the old and the new.

During the day, the golden dragons reflect the sun's rays with majesty and the white clouds exude tranquility, while the brushed steel pillars give strength and a sense of immortality. During the night, the pillars send beams of light to the twin dragons' bodies as they glitter in gold. Their eyes shine bright red light, revealing the dragons' vigor in protecting the city. The great white pearl in the center glows bright white, invigorating the city.