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Chan House

This Top of Hill property, featuring a panoramic view, was designed by Rupert Mok & Architects for Mr. & Mrs. Andy & Sulan Chan.

On the ground floor, the walls of the living room and entry hall, together with those of the dining room and kitchen, appear almost invisible, with the large glass windows showcasing and reflecting the 360-degree view of the Southern Californian splendor. On the second floor, the luxurious master bedroom and the two children's bedrooms reside above the cloud line, enabling the family to live as if above the ground. The glass, metal framing, skylight dome, and smooth plastering are essential elements of modern architecture, highlighted brilliantly in this estate.

The contemporary style of the Chan's home invigorates the surrounding lush landscape, the fountains, and the swimming pool; with the fire separation functionally applying itself to the graceful design of nature.